Lifestyle adjustments

Everytime I look at the title for this blog, I mis-read it, reading it as “Confessions of a Closet Underwear”…yah, maybe that’ll add to my hits through searches 🙂

At any rate…on to the pressing matters at hand…bring on the NEW WEEK!  I struggled last week with my own personal motivation.  I think the most difficult thing of embarking on this entrepreneurial career has been adjusting to the lifestyle change.  I don’t mean the financial changes or the eating-at-home all the time changes…I mean getting used to not getting up at 6:30am, going through my morning routine and leaving for the office by 7am, working until 5pm and coming home.  I thrived on the structure of that life – where someone else dictated my day, my schedule, my working hours.  And then there was the mindset that came with that – I always felt that when I was in the office, I needed to be focused, dedicated and always on task for the good of the organization…the responsible and right way to think, I believe but there, someone else was holding me accountable – the guy holding my paycheque.  But here’s the thing…now I’m the guy holding the paycheque and my success depends on myself (and Chris) and our ability to make the Goose great.

I have spent the last three months figuring out what works best, what’s the best way to keep that employer-imposed structure and how and when I work my best.  Consciously paying attention to my environment, how I feel at certain points of the day and noticing patterns in my mental capacity have been extremely important. I know now that if I don’t go to the gym in the morning and start my day with exercise…I’m pretty much useless most of the day.  My brain doesn’t seem to function at any high level and I can make excuses to myself all day long.  I also know that when I’m in my home office, sitting at my desk in front of my desktop, instead of sitting on the couch (with the TV off mind you) with my laptop on my lap, my day flies by and I accomplish so much more.  These, and other minor environmental and physical changes have made tremendous differences in my motivation and it’s been cool to recognize, and make sure I stay structured, to these things.

I knew these first few months as an entrepreneur would be different…but I underestimated just how much.  What are the different ways you conduct yourself or environments you work in to increase your motivation?


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