Ratio of Accomplish vs. Unaccomplish

You probably noticed I changed the title of my blog today. Those of you who’ve been following me know that I started the blog as an experiment – a mission of sorts – to write a blog message a day and using my (at the time) non-existent readers to keep me accountable to my goal.  Well a lot of good that accountability did me!  Here we are, two or three months into it and I haven’t been consistent at all.

So here’s the new plan – name change to Closet Underachiever is my tribute to the fact that I miss on some of my goals, even when I accomplish many others.  Which, I think is okay as long as the ratio of accomplished to non-accomplished favours the accomplishments.  But here’s the thing…I want to accomplish more so I’m going to keep using this blog to do that.  This will now be a listing of my goals and their highlights on the path to achievement. It’ll also be a record of the books I’m reading and the thoughts that come from those books because I read A LOT and I’m often inspired by the thoughts contained within these books.  Maybe I’ll inspire you too!

Recently I had a discussion with someone about goal setting and the very definition of setting goals.  She told me her life was too unstable and changed so often that setting goals was a moot point…too dynamic to actually accomplish any goals she set.  I think that’s just an excuse…what say you?


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