Literacy to change the world

I’m sitting on my front porch reading an incredible book, (for those readers that also follow my company, Goose Educational Media, this book is the topic of an article in a couple weeks so watch for it!) and being inspired. The book is about John Wood, an ex-Microsoft exec who left his job to start an organization called Room to Read, a non-profit dedicated to erasing illiteracy and bringing schools and libraries to those that need it most. My biz partner turned me on to Room to Read and now I’m hooked on the possibilities!
Here’s what’s making the difference for me…my whole life, I’ve loved reading. I would spend my summer vacations on the couch or the beach chair or the picnic blanket reading everything I could get my hands on. It honestly gives me anxiety to think of all the great books I’ll never read in my lifetime. My first job was the library and even my current career is dedicated to education and learning. But what if books had never been an option? I know with absolute certainty that I would not be where I am without the richness the words of those books provided me. Regardless of what type or style of book I was reading, those words had an influence in my life and it humbles me to remember how absolutely lucky I am to have access to those thoughts, stories and experiences read in those pages. John Wood took that humbling personal experience and did something about it.   The thought now is what do I do with my own humbling experience from today?  Stay tuned…

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