Look at that…failed before I even started.

Okay, so here we are, 10 days after I started the Blog Post-a-thon challenge and I’ve already messed it up before I really got started.  I used the word failed in the title and although now I think I should change it…I’m not going to.  But you’re right – I didn’t fail, but I definitely didn’t achieve the actual goal.  Good thing about goals is that I can alter them as life sees fit.

Here’s how I feel about goals…they’re meant to be a destination you steer towards but they’re not necessarily a static destination – I mean, who knows how often life gets in the way or your priorities change and that original goal changes shape or moves to a new geography and you have to alter the goal in some way.  The point is to achieve the goal but I believe it doesn’t have to be in its absolutely original form.

So there you have it…post 2 of 365…the new goal being 365 posts in total – with the intention that it doesn’t take 2 years!



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2 responses to “Look at that…failed before I even started.

  1. You’ll get there, it’s not a race. So long as you’re enjoying the trip don’t sweat it. Plus, it makes the rest of us humans feel better!

    Have you read The Passion Test by Chris & Janet Attwood? They agree too with your flexible approach. I try to do their program at least every year, it is hugely effective! I’m over due I think…if I could just get that book back….some books should NEVER be loaned out 🙂

  2. No, I haven’t read that book but I’m absolutely going to check it out. I should get two copies while I’m out! 🙂

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