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Literacy to change the world

I’m sitting on my front porch reading an incredible book, (for those readers that also follow my company, Goose Educational Media, this book is the topic of an article in a couple weeks so watch for it!) and being inspired. The book is about John Wood, an ex-Microsoft exec who left his job to start an organization called Room to Read, a non-profit dedicated to erasing illiteracy and bringing schools and libraries to those that need it most. My biz partner turned me on to Room to Read and now I’m hooked on the possibilities!
Here’s what’s making the difference for me…my whole life, I’ve loved reading. I would spend my summer vacations on the couch or the beach chair or the picnic blanket reading everything I could get my hands on. It honestly gives me anxiety to think of all the great books I’ll never read in my lifetime. My first job was the library and even my current career is dedicated to education and learning. But what if books had never been an option? I know with absolute certainty that I would not be where I am without the richness the words of those books provided me. Regardless of what type or style of book I was reading, those words had an influence in my life and it humbles me to remember how absolutely lucky I am to have access to those thoughts, stories and experiences read in those pages. John Wood took that humbling personal experience and did something about it.   The thought now is what do I do with my own humbling experience from today?  Stay tuned…

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Lying is exhausting

Had a situation over the weekend where instead of saying “No, I’m not interested”, a friend of mine made up excuses as to why he didn’t want to hang out.  Problem for me was that I actually believed the excuses and took them as fact.   Problem for him is that he told another friend of ours a different excuse…and now he’s been found out.  Seriously, is it not way more work to make stuff up than to actually say “no thanks” and leave it at that?

I’ve always believed that the more detailed a response to a simple question, the greater the likelihood the person isn’t telling the truth (or the whole truth).  When we’re trying to let the other person down easy or not wanting to hurt their feelings, we aren’t direct or clear and that leaves the other person with hope or expectations of a different result next time.  And it typically leads to more conversation where you have to turn the friend, partner, colleague down a second or third or fiftieth time because they still haven’t heard “no thanks”.  Isn’t that a lot of stress in your life – worrying about the next call or email or text? Just say no the first time, be clear without being mean and free up your brain for more important things.



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What does “right timing” even mean?

Tomorrow is my girl friend’s wedding…yeah!! I can’t even believe the last 1.5 years of planning has finally cumulated into these last few days…and she’s still so excited!  Predictably, it hasn’t always been an easy road, with many adjustments and misunderstandings and smiles through the tears. But seriously, if it was easy, I don’t know that it would be worth it.

Here’s the thought going around in my brain today…is there a specific length of time that a person must go through in order to be sure that a decision is the right one? For example, my friend and her fiance have been best friends for many years and romantic partners for two. They got engaged a few months after they started dating – but that wasn’t a surprise to anyone. And now here we are, with the wedding day tomorrow!  Have they been engaged long enough? Or were they in a relationship long enough before they got engaged?

I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t matter the length of time, it matters the quality of time. A decision is a decision and although some people take longer to make them than others, I don’t think there is a predetermined “perfect” amount of time a person needs to wait to execute on a decision – personal or professional. If it feels right and you’ve done your due diligence to make sure its an appropriate choice, do it. And if it’s the wrong choice, just make another one!

Entry 4 of 365

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Extrinsic vs intrinsic fulfillment

I like money. From the time I was little, having money was a goal of mine. But not because I’m necessarily materialistic and crave the finest clothes and drink the finest wines or drive the finest cars…that stuff doesn’t interest me. I want the money because life’s adventures are expensive. There are things I want to do and experiences I want to have and differences I want to make and that takes money! The thing is though, is that I’m not willing to settle for “good enough” in my career just to accomplish that financial goal. I mean really, if I have ambitious travel goals and ambitious benevolency goals, why wouldn’t I accomplish those things using the spoils from my ambitious financial goals?

We had a conversation about something similar tonight – a friend who’s making lots of money and learning many things is not satisfied or fulfilled through his job. So what’s the pay-off? Stay with the job because it affords you the financial life you’ve become accustomed to but are too miserable to enjoy it? Not likely! If you’re going to be making the money, at least make it doing something you like and are passionate about so at the end of the day you’re still passionate enough about life to go out and live it.

Ha…look at me all up on my soapbox today! But it’s true…took me long enough but I made the move two months ago. Am I rolling in riches? Absolutely not. Do I plan to be? Absolutely. And clichéd as it is, this financial dip I’m in at the minute is definitely going to be worth the climb up the other side.

P.S. 3 of 365 – must keep track or I’ll lose count.


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Look at that…failed before I even started.

Okay, so here we are, 10 days after I started the Blog Post-a-thon challenge and I’ve already messed it up before I really got started.  I used the word failed in the title and although now I think I should change it…I’m not going to.  But you’re right – I didn’t fail, but I definitely didn’t achieve the actual goal.  Good thing about goals is that I can alter them as life sees fit.

Here’s how I feel about goals…they’re meant to be a destination you steer towards but they’re not necessarily a static destination – I mean, who knows how often life gets in the way or your priorities change and that original goal changes shape or moves to a new geography and you have to alter the goal in some way.  The point is to achieve the goal but I believe it doesn’t have to be in its absolutely original form.

So there you have it…post 2 of 365…the new goal being 365 posts in total – with the intention that it doesn’t take 2 years!


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And here you have it…Blog Post #1 of 365

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by!  If you read the title to the blog, you’re probably thinking “What? There’s going to be 365 of these?”  Yep…that’s my mission – 365 blog posts in 365 days.  Sort of like Julie Powell in Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep where she wrote a blog post for every recipe she created from the Joy of Cooking book…except I’m not good at cooking, nor do I care to learn how to create turducken unless it comes pre-stuffed from a box.  So, I’m just going to blog about other random things I DO like for the next 365 days.

Why am I doing this?  Well, since quitting my fulltime job back in April, I’ve been on a mission to continue to follow-through on other goals and plans I’ve made over the years. If you’ve read my About Me section, you’ll know that I have an entrepreneurship degree but instead of being an entrepreneur, I’ve been part of some of the biggest corporations in Canada (if not the world).  And that’s not sticking to my true purpose in life, I don’t think.  Nothing wrong with Coca-Cola or Molson Coors – both those organizations created amazing opportunity, friends and experiences for me, all of which I’m using in this new venture.

This blog will be a big learning curve for me, I think…what is it that peaks my interests, boils my brain and motivates my mojo.  Can’t wait to find out!

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